1915 Ford Model T Pickup

For consignment, a “flivver” in T roadster form and a pickup. This beauty was once restored and is now showing some age, but retains a shine as it has been lightly used and well taken care of. It is mostly complete and is beautifully crafted from steel with wonderful wood for the bed. A rare example in great condition, ready to have some life breathed back into it.

Starting upfront we note an all metal construction cowled hood, brass shrouded radiator and side flanking independent from the hood fenders and running boards. These are painted simple black which was the only color available for the 1915-1927 model years. Henry did not like choices or changes. From the passenger compartment forward, this is definitely a Model T, as it has all the fixins’ including the flat dual pane windshield to the back of the body tub. From this point rearward, the back is pure pickup with the wood bed and sides. This wood is bathed in black that remains rot free and in good condition.  A second set of simple curved fenders are on the back above the wheels and protect the wood from road dirt and water. Various metal brackets support angled side panels and the back gate. A black painted wood lines the inside of the bed and a single lantern style tail light hangs below to the left. Black painted 30″ wood spoked wheels are wrapped by thin rubber pneumatic tires on all 4 corners.

Simplicity and utilitarian abounds, but it does not take away from the beauty of the interplay of steel and black vinyl that makes up the curved buggy style seat. A wide rimmed black steering wheel juts out on an angle from the very simple dash and has a few levers to play with for engine performance. The dash holds the ignition switch/headlight switch and is devoid of gauges. The typical 3 pedal model T setup is seen, as is the push button foot starter and a handbrake on the floor, which is made of solid wood. 

177ci of 4-cylinder power is under the cowled hood. This engine has evidence of double stampings, so determining the year of manufacture is difficult. A 1-barrel carburetor is atop, and a 2-speed planetary transmission is on back sending all 20 horses to the 3.63 geared rear axle. 

Plenty of black painted wood with no rot or structural problem for the floor pans and back bed underside. A steel frame holds the body tightly, and the rear axle, front steering, and drivetrain are attached to it as well. We note minor surface rust on the frame and supports, but all remains structurally solid. Mechanical drum brakes are on the rear and a stock exhaust completes our underside tour.

While not presently driveable, I’m happy to announce that the engine is not stuck and turns by hand.

Wonderfully preserved showing with an aged but still good condition finished steel exterior in black with no rust for the truck.  A T hauler to move around those loads, and reminiscent of the original Henry Ford concept that brought America away from the horse drawn carriage to the automobile. A serious look for the collector that needs something that not everyone has.

Price: Auction

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