This 1947 Hudson Big Boy Pickup is pure rolling distinction

After all, the sedan-like pickup is a true rarity for the 1940s, and this is from a brand you already rarely see at car shows. So check out everything from the whitewalls to the wood bed, and soon you see how absolutely charming this restored vintage pickup is.

We’re told an interesting history on this truck. It was locked away in a warehouse in 1970 before being resurrected and restored in 2020. So it has spent more than half its life thus far hidden away from the world (sounds a lot like a barn find story!) And because the resurrection happened only in the last few years, much of the work looks quite fresh. The gray paint has a nice gloss of a recent application, and that showcases the kind of body lines where you can tell they sweated the details when restoring this pickup. And we particularly like the look of the bumper, grille, and trim. It shows that this was stored quite complete and that there was a solid investment in getting this brightwork looking terrific. These are a pre-war design, and Hudson even called them Big Boys because they knew how to build them strong on a proper robust chassis. But you don’t just want this for a workhorse. This is an amazing classic with the same tall hood, rounded fenders, and distinct grille of the Super Six sedan line. So while it’s a real truck, the classic cruiser bright wheel covers and whitewalls are also well-earned. Hudson always liked to be ahead of its time, and so the 1948 model’s unibody cars meant this was the last year for the Big Boy trucks, and it also shut the door on Hudson pickups completely. So this is a true rarity that represents a bookend in Hudson history.

We love the originality of the interior. This was not altered during the restoration, and instead, there were just the necessary additions. So you have tinted glass and modern insulation on the floor and headliner. This gives you a cruiser from day one, and then you can take your time to decide if you want to keep the authentic style or completely restomod this with a stereo and A/C. It’s exciting because we rarely get the opportunity to have something genuine, right down to the classic Hudson steering wheel and distinct symmetrically designed dash.

The forward-tilt hood is just another great detail in such a distinct truck. And when you look inside, this has a tidy presentation of Hudson’s 262 cubic-inch motor. This is an authentic package, right down to the generator and tall oil bath air cleaner. So it fits perfectly with this pickup’s overall impression. The ultra-tidy setup reminds you of the freshness and care in the restoration. The inline motor is a smooth runner, and the column-shifted three-speed manual transmission has a smooth feeling that gives you proper control. Plus, the independent front suspension is something few trucks (and even some cars) didn’t have in 1947.

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