1963 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup

It’s a 1963 pickup. It’ll go faster, but my comfortable top speed is 40-50. The suspension is old, there’s no antilock brake system, and no seat belts. So going faster seems crazy.

When I bought it in 2013, the seller sent it along with:

  • four old shop manuals
  • the drum brake hubs and wheels that were replaced by the disc brakes
  • an old engine head
  • an old carb
  • a set of manifolds
  • one more white side wall tire
  • and a set of engine gaskets

The bed’s wooden slats are fine, but a replacement would be a nice upgrade. It looks very original.

Location: Littleton, North Carolina, United States

Seller: gkj23

Price: $19,999 <- check here if it's still available

More info: Full listing and Contact details
Originally listed on April 11, 2021. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.