In a world full of Chevy trucks with “me too” small block V8s, it’s refreshing to see an original 235 cubic inch inline-six still under the hood of this Apache. Certainly willing and able to work hard, it has a great trucky sound and smooth torque that only six cylinders in a line can deliver. It’s wearing the proper corporate gray engine enamel, an oil bath air cleaner, and single-barrel carburetor, and it runs so well that you know it’s been properly maintained. The stock 3-speed manual transmission lives behind it and spins the original rear end, so this truck will still haul a load without breaking a sweat, and cruises happily at modern highway speeds. Who says you need a crate motor to enjoy your old iron? It’s quite original underneath, but since it has lived in the south all its life, there’s nothing more than some surface scale on the heavy iron parts. Suspension, brakes, and exhaust are all very much as they would have been in 1959 and it’s fitted with later Rally wheels and white-letter radials for a sporty look.

Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States