This 1964 Ford Econoline pickup is 1 of 988 made.  It is the 5 window series.  There were 2 body codes for this year of pick up, 87A and 87B.  87A was the 3 window series which Ford made 4,196 models.  87B is the 5 window series which is listed in this listing.  Ford only made 988 models of the 87B custom series.  Some of them had bumpers and some didn’t.  The models that didn’t have rear bumpers allowed the truck to be used for pick up and deliveries making it easy to load and unload easier with the tail gate being able to swing down at a 180 degrees.  Some models came with a 3 speed transmission.  An upgrade option was the 4 speed transmission. This truck has 4 speed.

Somers, Montana, United States