This 120″ wheel base, 8 ft. bed truck was brought to Newport Beach, California for restoration in 2002.

By 2004, the original 170 cu in engine was overhauled by the now defunct SOC (Studebaker of Orange County) and included regrinding the crankshaft installing new main bearings 0.030″ re-bore and new pistons SST valve guides (it can run on unleaded) with a complete valve job rebuild radiator along with new fuel pump, water pump and hoses. SOC installed a new main wire harness convert it from +6V to -12V
replaced the generator with an alternator rewound the starter for 12 V all the break and fuel lines were replaced new king pin bushings were installed the gas tank was removed, cleaned and sealed a NOS master break cylinder installed all break shoes and wheel cylinders were renewed

Corona del Mar, California, United States