This truck started out new as a 383 V8, Automatic, Power Steering, with AC.  The 2nd owner trashed the original 383 and placed a slant six auto there instead. Truck does not run.  It sat in a field for years after the 6 cyl died.  Sheetmetal is mostly very straight, all the chrome is there.  The truck sat with flat tires on the right and rusted out the right side floors, the frame is ok.  The left side is ok.  The hood and side panels are phenomenally straight for having endured years of neglect.  The bed is pitted with one hole center about the size of  pop can which is a puncture, not rust, one small rust hole right front bed size of a dime. Original steering column with horn buttons aged but intact, AC system, original radio, and cloth pleated seat also in the interior, as is the glove box lid and dash.  All the glass is good, windows still work, doors are relatively rust free excepting surface rust.  The factory original wheel covers are there.  This truck needs a full restoration.

Richardson, Texas, United States